Zweigelt – the flagship of the Neusiedlersee DAC region and the leading variety at Salzls.
Appreciated, cherished and cultivated, a pure Zweigelt was missing for a long time as a qualitative spearhead in the winery. Already at a young age (2005) Christoph carried the vision of such a premium wine full of fruit and power.

The success proved Christoph and his idea right. Sacris – a play on words from the initials of Christoph, i.e. Salzl Christoph – quickly became one of the most important Zweigelt wines in the country. Today – more than 15 years later – Sacris is still at the top of the product range and it is impossible to imagine national and international wine lists without it.

What makes Sacris special?
It manages to combine the typical cherry fruit of Zweigelt with the unique salty minerality of the region. Vines over 40 years old, hot iron-rich gravel soil, deliberately reduced yields, the influence of Lake Neusiedl and the surrounding salt lakes with their steppe herbs characterise the terroir of this wine. Sacris perfectly reflects the power of the sun as well as the warmth of the Pannonian lowlands and matures for almost two years in small oak barrels.

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