salt varnishes

The unique salt lakes in Seewinkel characterise the landscape in the Neusiedler See – Seewinkel National Park. The special climatic conditions in the north of Burgenland bring out this natural spectacle. Small water varnishes that are up to 0.7m deep in the winter months and can dry out completely in the hot periods, leaving behind white salt soils.

How they are formed
The low rainfall, the countless hours of sunshine and the associated high temperatures cause capillary action and the rise of groundwater. This brings various salts such as soda, Glauber’s salt, common salt and Epsom salt to the surface. When dried out, these very salts form a layer that is often referred to as Pannonia lard. The resulting “salt soil” prevents the water from precipitation from seeping away during the cold months, and this is how some 40 saline lakes east of Lake Neusiedl are still formed today.

What varnishes there are
Salt varnishes appear in various sizes in the Seewinkel. When they were formed after the Ice Age, researchers estimate that there must have been around 150 of these varnishes. Today there are still about 40 in Burgenland.

The best-known salt varnishes are:
– Die Lange Lacke
– Birnbaumlacke
– Fuchslochlacke
– Darscho

How you influence the wine in Seewinkel
The high salt content in the soil, but of course also in the air, and the fact that some vineyards border directly on the salt flats, give the wines in Seewinkel a very special touch. The minerality and saltiness support the wines and give them a special taste. For us at Weingut Salzl, the name naturally says it all. The family name comes from a Salzl trading family that came to our area in the 18th century. Deeply rooted in viticulture in our region for 3 generations, we are proud to watch our vines grow in the heart of the National Park and of course appreciate the great role that the Salzl varnishes play in our wines.

Especially our cuvée “Pannoterra” – translated “Pannonian Earth” is meant to reflect this unique attitude towards life but also the uniqueness of nature.

The salt varnishes in the Seewinkel result from the special climatic conditions in the Seewinkel. In winter they appear as small water varnishes next to Lake Neusiedl, in summer often as large areas of salt soil.
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Salzl – enjoyment that goes on.


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