Zweigelt, the wine for connoisseurs

Zweigelt, also called blue Zweigelt or Rotburger, was crossed in 1922 from the grape varieties St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch. It is the most widely cultivated red wine variety in Austria and has been very popular with wine drinkers worldwide since its introduction.
In all wine-growing regions of Austria, one can discover Zweigelt vines while walking through the vineyards, but it is most strongly represented in the eastern wine-growing regions. In Seewinkel it is also the grape variety of the DAC. Neusiedlersee DAC wines are always single-varietal Zweigelt.
They inspire with their charming character, fruity notes and soft tannins. Zweigelt is the right wine for beginners, inexperienced or connoisseurs and “wine bites”.

Typical Zweigelt characteristics and aromas:

  • soft tannins
  • fruit accentuated
  • Sour cherry aroma
  • Vanilla notes (when aged in wooden barrels)
  • Violet-reddish colour
  • full-bodied
  • black berry colour

Zweigelt from the Seewinkel
For us, as for most winemakers in the Seewinkel, Zweigelt best reflects the identity of our region. The influence of Lake Neusiedl, the countless hours of sunshine and the traditional ageing in barrique barrels allow us to emphasise Zweigelt’s varietal characteristics in particular.

Main grape variety at the Salzl Seewinkelhof Winery

As the main grape variety at the Salzl winery, it leads our range of single-varietal wines. Whether classic, reserve, Neusiedlersee DAC or premium wine in the form of our “Sacris” – our winery lives and loves Zweigelt. Zweigelt is also an important component of our Cuveés, and it is simply impossible to imagine our winery without it.
Zweigelt has been enchanting wine drinkers worldwide for decades with its unbelievable drinkability and its often described charming character and has become the most important component in the cultivation of red wine in Austria.
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